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8 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need SEO to Grow

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Smart small business owners know that search engine optimization (SEO) plays a huge role in where their website appears in Google search engine results (SERPs).  

They also know that being in the top SERP results can send thousands of targeted prospects to their website. 

Businesses that depend on local customers need to be found online when a potential customer is looking for the product or services that they provide.

Being in the top SERP results doesn’t happen by itself. LOCAL SEO is highly recommended for this type of business.

Think about how you yourself search for things. When I was in college I remember going to the library and seeing rows of shelves full of huge yellow page books. By state, then city. And that is how we would find what we were looking for! 

Well yellow pages are long gone and everyone-including yourself – now pulls out their phone to find things! When they want it, where they want it! 46% of all Google searches are seeking local information. Source

When you search Google on your phone or desktop, how far down do you scroll to see the results? Most people don’t go past the 4th or 5th listing, and it is a rare person that goes to page 2. In fact, they say page 2 of Google is the best place to hide a dead body!

Being found online is very important for a business owner, and SEO plays a huge part in that. 

When SEO is properly executed and done on an ongoing basis, websites will show up in the top of the search results when someone searches for a keyword or phrase that applies to a business. If the website  is providing good user experience and content, new visitors will stick and engage.

8 Benefits of Search Engine Optimization 

1. SEO will  increase website traffic. 

SEO involves many steps and processes, but one thing for sure is that as everything starts working, Google will recognize your site. Your site will start ranking higher in search results, and you should see an increase in the traffic to your site. With a quality site, you should see an increase in conversions and sales

2. SEO will improve the credibility of your business. 

Your customers believe that the best businesses are those ranked at the top of the search engines, whether that is true or not. When you rank high, your prospects perceive your business more favorably, which leads to an increase in site visits, conversions, and brand recognition. 

3. SEO provides long-lasting results and a great ROI when done properly and on an ongoing basis.

Radio, print, and billboard ads all produce short-term rewards. Radio ads are often heard in the background. Most printed flyers and postcards go straight into the trash! Billboards are seen as driven by, but who actually grabs the phone number or website while driving? And how do you measure your ROI? You can’t.

4. SEO is a fixed expense in your budget. 

No more worrying about how many clicks you have to pay for every month! No more worrying about how to get your ads in front of the right audience! Most SEO providers will charge a monthly fee on an ongoing basis. With a fixed number, you can determine if SEO will provide a good ROI for your business.

5. Your website will be seen by the right audience when they are looking!

People are looking for everything online, and they want instant results. You must rank high in the SERPS to be seen and considered! A quality SEO campaign will get your site ranking so it is seen when someone is looking for services that your business provides. 

6. SEO encourages users to visit a local store. 

Having an online presence is essential for local businesses that people visit. People searching for things “near me”. With a proper Google Business Profile listing and an SEO optimized website, your business will be seen. Potential customers can go straight to your business from Google maps, or visit your website to check reviews before visiting your store.

7.  Your social media following can increase. 

As your search engine rankings increase, more visitors will visit  your website. Even if they do not immediately buy from you  if your social media accounts are shown on your website, they may still end up checking out your social media accounts and following them. Now they can see your updates and also share with others.

8. SEO helps put your business above your competitors. 

As your SEO campaign starts gaining traction your site will move ahead of competitors who have not implemented these techniques. Once Google trusts your website, your ranking in SERPs will improve, and that translates into more site visitors.

Local SEO is incredibly important for small businesses and has a solid ROI

If you are not implementing SEO in your own online marketing activities, you are limiting your results, sales, and profits. 

We provide Local SEO services for small to medium size businesses across the United States.
Contact us to see if we can help you get the customers you need!

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